Sunday, May 22, 2005

First Post

Well, I signed up on Blogger to be able to post comments to a couple of other blogs, but why not take advantage and start my own. So here it is.... (sound of crickets chirping).
So what do I want to talk about? I guess since I'm into bikes most of all we can start there. I
haven't bought a NEW bike for myself since 1994, when I got my mounain bike, a Giant ATX 760. I've bought a new OLD bike at Goodwill, and a tandem (but that is a family bike). I've been really happy with the Giant, especially since I converted it to singlespeed, but it is getting to the point where every ride on it, something breaks.
Anyway, the stars aligned enough for me to get spousal permission to replace the venerable Giant. I've opted for a Surly Karate Monkey, and yesterday after work I went to my local bike shop (LBS) and placed my order. Hooray! The LBS now says that the frames and some of the other stuff I ordered arebackordered. Boo!

It's been 11 years in coming, I guess I can wait another month.