Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not Understanding

While walking at lunch I came across some graffitti sprayed on the park path. There were several statements, but two of them made me pause. The first one said "More Parks, Less Jails," which is actually a sentiment I can agree with. It is just that the devil is in the details. Just a bit down from there was another one that I took the above picture of: "Gentrification is racist." I wasn't sure of the context, but further down was the same prase printed on a city sign attached to a park construction project. The slogans seemed to have been written by the same person. So I'm confused. Gentrification is racist, if so why do we want more (gentrified) parks? Is the sloganeer racist? Are they just confused? Do we have competing petty vandals in Frederick, some who want racist parks and some who don't? Vandalism sure seems like a poor way to get your message out, whatever it may be.


Blogger Brett said...

Perhaps we should combine parks with jails, best of both worlds really.

3:04 PM  

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