Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bucolic Sunday

Pleasant but strenuous day today. Up early for a bike ride. 30 miles through the Monocacy Valley in and around Woodsboro and Detour. After I got home I worked out in the yard and garden. Despite my getting the garden started late, stuff seems to be coming up. Not too much corn, but everything else looks like it will work. Cultivated among the crops and did some bed preparation for the melons and pumpkins to go in soon. Then I went down the hill and cut some new trail towards the creek. I'd like to finish a bridge this summer. Turned the compost pile and picked up some wind fall branches. Number One Son drove the tractor and cart for me. Finally I sprayed some poison ivy in a few places around the yard. This will be our third summer here, and I've beat a lot of it, but there are a few places it keeps coming back. Me and poison ivy don't get along, so I'll keep after it. I took a lot of breaks, and relaxed in the breeze and shade, so even as hot as it was (more like summer than spring), it was all good.


Blogger Brett said...

As I struggle thru another hayfever peak I am still working on my master plan to eliminate pollen from the planet. I will sell this plan to the world as a poison ivy removal plan....

5:23 AM  

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