Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Be it Resolved

Like so many people whose blogs and posts I read on the internet, I can't decide if I like or dislike New Year's Resolutons. Some people say why make something your aren't going to follow through with anyway? I can sympathize with that outlook, for there are plenty of resolutions I've left hanging out there alone. But there are also ones on which I've followed through. Last year I told myself I'd ride my bike more. I did, over 1400 miles worth, and I'm proud of that. It was a start, and more than the couple of hundred miles I rode in 2004.

There is no reason not to make a resolution at any time of the year (or not make any resolutions at all), but the new year seems to be a particularly good time for new beginings, so what harm is done? Any time someone wants to make a deal with themselves for their self-improvement, I say go for it.

That said, here are a few of mine:

Bike related:
1. Increase total mileage over last year - Mainly by increasing the number of days I bike commute.
2. A Fixed Gear Century - 100 Miles, no coasting.
3. More off road - The weekends I spent on my Overlooking rides last year I want to devote to offroad this year. Also look into finding some trails on the commute home, maybe through Linganore. Skinny tire skills among the woods and rocks.
4. Bike Camping - Get out a couple of times this summer, some with the kids.
5. Get a bike together for my wife.

In other areas of my life:
A. Practice my banjo more (some people hope I'll break this one).
B. Do more drawing and carving.
C. De-junk the basement. This includes a lot of bike stuff.
D. Have a real garden this year.
E. Lose weight.
F. Save money.

Ha ha. I threw in E and F as a joke. Those are always the first to go.

I guess there are a few other personal ones as well, but I don't think I'll publish those for now.


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