Friday, August 08, 2008

Ohio 4

The chain I broke on the previous day put a crimp in my riding plans. I didn't really want to do a flat road/trail ride out to the covered bridge I missed a few days before with such a tiny gear, so I skipped a ride. Let's see, what else am I good at...? How about eating? I checked to see if anyone else wanted to go to one of our favorite breakfast spots, Clifton Mill. What do you know? They all did!

On top of that, my Mom had seen a blurb in a local paper about an interesting museum to visit not too far away. Our lives had purpose again!

We headed out to Clifton, following the same road I rode yesterday, and were soon seated in the mill with a lovely view of the Clifton Gorge.



I ordered my favorite Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, and Em and I explored the porch while waiting for the meal.


Heading back to the table I noticed cycling content.


After out meal we walked the mill property for a bit to settle in the meal.



Next it was off to Urbana, Ohio, where Urbana University is the home to the Johnny Appleseed Museum. This pleasant one room museum is home to a wealth of information about the interesting and eccentric frontier legend. I learned some info about him I'd never heard and we saw tons of Johnny Appleseed memorabilia.

Emily had a grand time, but Ian may have been a touch bored. We didn't stay too long and were soon headed on the straight shot down 68 to Xenia. A mellow afternoon was just the kind of low key time I enjoy, watching my kids and my parents get to know each other a little bit better without a lot of other folks around as distractions.

Emily and Mom shuck the corn for dinner, at the end of our wonderful last day of a wonderful Ohio vacation.


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