Thursday, January 29, 2009

Riding Bikes in the Basement

Item - I want to ride more.
Item - It ain't happening during the day, or much on weekends.

That leaves me most evenings after shuttling the kids around to various events and wrangling them through homework and bed.

Least problematic method of riding a bike at these times: The (dreaded) trainer.
Not the best or most interesting solution, but life is compromise.

One thing I have found to make it less tedious has been to watch some of the many hours of helmet cam video I've pulled off of the internet. Through I've found videos by Pete Fagerlin, Mountain Bike Bill, Steve Wolf, and many others.

I've burned some of my favorites to DVD and dream of far away trails spinning away the time. I figure about an hour for each DVD, which is about as much as I can stand on the trainer anyway, so it's a win-win.

Thank you to all those folks posting their vids, you're making my life a little easier.


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