Friday, January 09, 2009


I've started spending the gift certificates I got for Christmas, and have picked up some goodies for the Monocog.

First a set of Ergon Grips, which have gotten many good reviews in the biking world.

Next, some Wellgo Mag Pedals. Nice large flats with real retention pins.

An Avid 185 cable disc brake for the rear to go with the front I got last year.

Finally, a new helmet, with a decent retention system, so I can quit borrowing my son's for mountain bike rides.

I have some left and have to make some decisions. A new saddle for the Monocog? Maybe a stem to move the bars up a bit more? How about some new brakes for the Fuji, whose 80's vintage sidepulls aren't inspiring the confidence I'd like. Gloves? Bib's? Knickers? The list goes on and on, but the money gets tighter. It is a sweet burden I'll try to bear.


Blogger Joe said...

I swear by Ergon grips. I have been using the ones you have for a few years now. I find them more comfortable that drop bars for road riding even. The only downside I have found is that they get sticky and gross after a year. Oh and the price sucks too, but they're worth it.

Joe in Iowa

6:15 PM  

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