Monday, June 20, 2005


It's been a busy week and weekend so I haven't been up on my posting. Here are a few things going on.

The Great Divide Race is on. Kent is in it, but is having some wheel problems. Updates available at the Great Divide Race Blog.

NEW Bike! This will get a new post in just a bit, but the Quickbeam arrived on Friday. (Thanks Tim!!) Hjalti is a happy boy. I took it on a first ride on Father's Day. Woo-Hoo!!!

Soccer. Number One Son's soccer ended Saturday with the Boonsboro Tounament. They were beaten in the quarter finals after tying the game, in the shootout. Boo!

Dad's Day. Besides the ride, Dad's Day was a very relaxing time. The kids were absurdly well behaved, but I'll pay for that later I'm sure.

The garden is looking a bit dry. No real rain to speak of for days. I think the corn is a bust, but beans and greens are looking OK. I got new paths cut through the woods down to where the foot bridge is under construction. The Mrs. is on board for the bread oven idea, now I just have to do it.


Blogger Brett said...

Football (soccer) shootouts stink. They should use the aggregated LSPG (Left side posting on goal) to settle in the event of ties. Or a fight with broken bottles.

12:20 AM  

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