Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Bike Shop

After the Princess Stoker's basketball practice today we were running around getting some errands done (example-see post below). We decided to get lunch at our local Five Guys. (Which appears to have exceeded its bandwidth!) Imagine my suprise to see a bike shop in the process of getting set up right next door! Frederick has lost two shops in the past few years, and even though I like all the shops which remain, it is alway nice to see more choices. This shop will be the closest to my house, but still a ways. On workdays I frequently go to the downtown shop, Wheelbase, because I'm already parked for work and don't have to look for parking. I also visit Mt Airy Bikes a lot, because it is about the same distance from home as Frederick, and is a great tandem shop. I don't get to Under the Sun Sports too often because they are farthest from me, but they have been able to help me out before when I couldn't find a part anywhere else. This new shop, Bicycle Escape, is located right on my commute home. The look like they will be a Specialized dealer, from what I could see through the window. I'll have more info after they open.


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