Thursday, December 01, 2005

Link o' rama

Slowly recovering from whatever bug is going around. Several extended family and friends went down as well. It left me some time to surf though. Matt on the Kogswell list asked if I'd post a few of the Japanese bike websites I have bookmarked. These are individuals or club sites, not retail sites or manufacturers, and I look for things like touring reports and passhunting with lots of pretty pictures, but since I formatted the list, I thought I'd post it here too.

Sites I check pretty much weekly:
Mr Haro -MTB Around Hamamatsu Japan
Mr Akuta
Nawa, Mr Rudo
High Ground Net Lots of great photos.
Mr. Hiro
Outdoor Life-Mark-2
mark-2's Blog
Cyber Cyclist's Home Page
ted air-nifty BLOG
Ayako's Wai Wai Room vol.3
Unreasonable Cyclist
Winds of Cycling

Other sites I've found but don't visit often becuase the aren't updated as much or are hard to navigate through if you don't speak japanese:

Takasu - lots of photos, check out the gear list. Link to japanese 650B forum at the 'New' Sometimes has photos.
We are GEORGIAN! Long flash presentation featuring Surly fixie riding messenger as ad for canned cofee product
ONO, Hiroki's web page(Folding Bike, Recumbent)
WADACHI - Enjoy cycling and drinking around Japan!
Bikes on trains
Cycling Portal Japan
Net-Pedalian / Japan Adventure Cyclist Club
Imperfect combustion feeling
Cancan's Website

By the way, I use: as an autotranslator.


Blogger James said...

yours sir is the most exciting blog I've ever found, I haven't seen so many new japanese bicycle blogs in a long time.

3:10 AM  

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