Monday, November 21, 2005

Bridge to ?

The lower part of our property has taken a back seat to just about everything else in my life. I figure it will be there for a while yet. My daughter sees things differently. She takes it as a personal affront that I am keeping her from the back 1/4 of our property (apparently jumping across the narrow part of the creek does not count). I've had the rough framework of a bridge since the first summer we were here. The builders left two 20 ft. 4x12 beams made of 2x12s, and I had long ago started adding some crosspieces. I just sort of stalled out. Clear weather, the end of yardwork season, and constant nagging gentle pressure have finally gotten me to work. Cleaning out the basement of some scrap 2x4s gave the the low cost materials I needed to get at it, and soon I had decking. Flooding shifted the bridge from it's original location to a more (I hope) stable location against trees on both sides of the creek. The kids immediately embarked on an expedition to expand their empire, complete with trail cutting clippers. I'm going to let them plan and build the trail network on the far side, while I continue to work on the near side trails. Once we get some thorns cleared out, we'll see how well bikes can get around down here.


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