Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DIY Question

While I'm on here tonight, does anyone local (DC area) who reads this have or know of anybody with a brazing setup? I need to try throwing a couple of canti-mounts on to the rear of the old Diamondback, a custom rack mount on the fork, and to get the rack together. I'm going to make the old girl into a Porteur and paint her up for the missus to ride with me on the towpath and suchlike places. If it was just the two sets of mounts I'd just benz-o-matic it, but the rack will take a hardier bit of brazing. One of the basement clean-up rules is that all partially completed bike projects have to be finished or disposed of. Harsh, I know.


Blogger riderx said...

If you can't find a setup to use, there is a guy doing frame building out of Proteus bikes in College Park that should be able to do the work for cheap.

8:47 AM  

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