Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Day

The snow fell for about 16 or 17 hours and we got about 12 inches. Not bad for this area. Some places nearby got over 20 inches. Sunday was work and play in the snow day. It was hard plowing for the curs'd tractor. It bogged down very quickly, but multiple passes and ramming speed carried me through just about everything. Where the snow drifted in one place it was over three feet deep and I had to go with a snow shovel to take off the light upper layers before I could even make a dent. Right after I finished my neighbor came home with his truck mounted plow. Oh well.

All the time I was working the kids were out playing. We all took a break inside to throw gloves and coats into the dryer for a bit and then went right back out for sledding, exploration of a snowy world, and snowball fights. As evening fell I started a campfire and we relaxed around it as the full moon climbed over the trees to the east. If I couldn't be out on a bike, this was a pretty good alternative.


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