Monday, March 13, 2006


I like weekends. Saturday was one of the rare ones where we weren't committed to some kids sport or another (between seasons), so I was able to get out to the Frederick Pedaler ride and meeting. The guest for the meeting was Jill DiMauro, owner of Proteus Bicycles in College Park, MD. It was a good talk, about local bike shops and their community involvement. I always like to hear anmated and interesting speakers.

The whole family went bowling Saturday night. My sister in law and her husband are in town and thats what they wanted to do. One local alley had league night and no lanes, but the duckpin alley had lanes and we had a good time.

Sunday was yardwork day, but the weather was still nice enough to work without a coat, so my daughter and I cleaned up some brushwood and I began the task of rototilling the pasture area which will be this years garden. I ought to track down someone with a plow or tractor mounted tiller to ease my work, but haven't yet.


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