Monday, August 28, 2006

Another new shop

I read on the MORE website that the Bike Doctor is open in Frederick now. I'll have to get by there and check it out. I did visit the Bicycle Fix again on Saturday. My son's Akido class turned out to be a several hour seminar on the sword. I usually go for a short ride or find a shady spot and practice the banjo while he is in class, but I didn't have the bike with me and I'm only good for about an hour of banjo practice, so I went on over to westview to kill an hour.

I wish I had some money to spend. This looks like a better shop each time I visit. Lots of good stuff out, but I really liked seeing the Bianchi San Jose and Redline 9-2-5 there. The Redline was on sale. It is an amazing value at $500, but at $400 it seems like a steal. There was also a redline Monocog that looked good as well as a Kona Unit 2-9er. I even spied some Shaun Deller cycling caps.

Speaking of my son, we did that whole back to school shopping thing. He now has the same size feet as me, wearing a size 12. These boats on an 11 year old. Yikes. The up side is I now have access to a couple cool pairs of Vans if I want them.


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