Monday, September 25, 2006

Fair Day

Frederick County has a hundred year old tradition of letting school kids out of school on the last Friday of the county fair. Since last Friday was also my birthday, and I always take my birthday off, things worked out well enough for all of us to go to the fair. It's sort of a hassle and sort of fun. A hassle, because I'm not too keen on crowds and traffic, and fun because of everything else. We hit the animal sheds to see the animals. We hit the farm machinery row to see the ag equipment (for me not the kids). Then we hit the food stalls. Yum. Then we girded our loins and headed down the midway through the games and rides, culminating with a ride on the ferris wheel. Emily and I love that ride, Ian and Jenny can do without, but this year they came along. Finally we somehow managed another pass through the food area, where we got a funnel cake so large Ian and I split it, and still couldn't finish it. Yum!


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