Tuesday, October 10, 2006

B & B

Banjo and Brewing, that is. I had a great weekend and learned a ton of interesting stuff.

Sunday I went down to The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD for a banjo workshop by Dan Levenson. I'll refrain from comparisons about driving in the DC area and rats in mazes, but the pace is significantly different only 50 miles away here in Fredneck. Anyway, the workshop was great. I learned a lot about the mechanics of playing and how to position myself more comfortably, and quite a bit more for a beginner. The intermediate session was a little harder, but I got plenty of good info to file away for when I can use it. I found out about the workshop on the Banjo Hangout forums, a great place for finding and discussing banjo information. Both Dan's workshops and the Banjo Hangout are highly recommended.

I was off Monday, so I headed over to Joe's for an initiation into the art of brewing. I helped him start a batch of porter for us to take to the Bootlegger's Bliss in November. Intriguing, and I'm worried I'm going to start spending on yet another interest. There is a pretty good payoff though. Thanks Joe!


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