Monday, October 02, 2006

Who did I piss off?

Man. Irritating day on the bike. I left the house for work at 6:20 and I wasn't 300 yards fom the end of my driveway when I got a rear flat. I hoofed it home and changed tubes, and had to push it to get to work on time. I made it, but the thighs were smoking. After work I just planned to take it easy going home, and was right by the smelly water treatment plant on Gas House Pike when it went flat again. I pulled a big sliver of glass out of the tire this time. I also found that the spare tube was presta instead of the schraeder I usually run on the old school Fuji. I stopped by the Bicycle Escape (right on my route) and picked up a couple more spare tubes and tried to ride gingerly home, but flatted again in Libertytown. I could have changed it again, but I was beaten. I called the Mrs. to come and give me a lift the final three miles home. I think the rear tire is getting pretty thin (2 yars old for a weekly rider), so I'm going to change it out. But sheesh.


Blogger riderx said...

Wow. Bummer day with all of the flats. At least you were close to the shop.

8:17 PM  
Blogger The Bicycle Escape said...

Hopefully your are in the clear now. Let's hope the law of averages pans out!


9:40 AM  

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