Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day Weekend

I packed the rest of the suspects off for a weeks vacation in Disney World, so it's just me and the dog for our own mini vacation here at Casa Hjalti. I still have to go to work and all, but trust me, it's a vacation.

Saturday after the crew set out, I headed south myself, to Virginia, where there was a family celebration to welcome my sister home from Iraq. It was great to see her, and she and her husband put on a great party! My folks were out from Ohio, and my youngest brother and his lovely wife were there from Pittsburgh, as well as siblings whom I see more often. Coolness.

Sunday I got a slow start, but finally hit the road for a few warm but welcome miles of bike riding. The main family camera went to see Mickey, but I grabbed my daughters cheapo to try a few shots. What I found was that when you reach back into your saddlebag to grab the camera for a rolling shot, make sure that the battery compartment latch doesn't snag on anything, or the batteries will go skittering off down the road. In turn, this will be followed by the camera resetting and wiping out the 20 or so photos you had taken of the ride.

Consolation can be found in ice cream. At least on Fathers Day.


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