Friday, May 18, 2007

Bike to Work Day

Well, like all the other bike bloggers in the world (ok, maybe just the US and the Czech Republic), I have to say something about Bike to Work Day. I finally did it. It rains about half the years, and others I usually have had to be somewhere with the kids, but today I rode the usual route and then the two extra blocks to the local rally. It was pretty cold coming down into the valley this morning too. More like early April than May, but I had enough warm stuff in the Carradice. Yea big saddlebags! Anyway, the rally was nice. I saw a lot of the usual suspects and a couple folks I hadn't seen in a while, and even some new cycling friends and contacts. A couple of local shops were represented (and by the way, isn't it great to live in an area where I've had good experiences and service at ALL of the local shops) and some cool swag was given away in a raffle. I lingered until most everyone was gone and then went on to work. I hope the rain holds off for the evening ride home.
DSC05419 BTW, a few posts previously I had mentioned that the BB/axle on the geared Fuji was too long at 122.5mm. I couldnt get the derailleur out to the outside ring. Well, I had an old 113 BB around and tried it. I was suprised to have it work! The inner ring is periously close to the stays though. If I come across a 115 somewhere, that will probably do the trick. I lost a chainring bolt riding in today too, so I have to tighten everything up.


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