Tuesday, October 23, 2007

update 4 - trailwork

October 20th was a huge trailwork day. MORE, Patapsco State Park, the SSO Factory Team, and several local businesses* banded together to build new trail in the Hilton section of the park. 75 kick ass, hard working trail builders came out for a herculean effort. We routed new trail around a section that has been closed to bikes for years. It looks GOOD! I'm still sore days later, 'cause those deskbound muscles don't get worked too often. Post work there was a potluck cookout where I did my best to recoup whatever weight I lost working on the trail, in the form of beer provided by Clipper City. Oh Yeah!

BTW, special props to Number One Son Ian, who tagged along with me and worked hard for hours. He ROCKS!

* Sponsoring shops included
The Bicycle Escape
Catonsville Bike Shop
Bike Doctor Linthicum
Avalon/Germantown Cycles
Race Pace Bicycles

Support these shops!

PS Joe has a few photos here. Somebody else forgot camera batteries....


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