Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brunswick again.

Sunday I once more went to Brunswick. This time I knew what to expect and brought along some friends. Friends in the form of 24 gears to choose among while riding the crazy hills in town.

Once again I parked at the high school. The weather was going from cloudy to sunny, with even light drizzle all through the ride. This time I went over and down Maple Avenue, catching all the little spur streets off of it. All those little streets don't go through because they drop into steep little ravines. Mmmmmmm, gears so good.

Once at the bottom I crossed over the Potomac River to Virginia and then back and down to the C&O Canal Towpath. Next was a stiff climb up catching pieces of 6th through 8th Avenues, and spurs off of them. Then right back down on 2nd Avenue and it's associated stubs of side streets. One more climb back up Petersville Road, which has a nice gentle grade and good shoulders and I was off the the deli for my reward.


Since I had new found Ice cream energy, I hit one more modern development. As I was there, it turned into a race between me and the clouds, for the sky was now getting serious about rain. I finished up and was back to the car as the first drops fell


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