Monday, November 24, 2008

Stiff and Sore

Yesterday was a MORE trailwork day up in the Frederick Watershed. DKEG cajoled 20 of us the come help him out with promises of beer. We did some work on BLUE, replacing some rotten and questionable water bars with more sustainable and functional rolling grade dips. The only real disadvantage of them over water bars is the significantly greater amount of labor required to build them. Fortunately there were enough strong backs and weak minds to jump right into the work and 'get-er-done.' We replaced 4 water bars, reinforced/built up a previous dip and cleaned the drainage of some low spots. At the trailhead post work, there was beer from David, muffins from Jojo, and cookies from Julie. Yea David, Jojo and Julie!!!!

Today I am sore.


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