Friday, September 02, 2005

Sidebar changes

I've made a couple of changes to the sidebar, by fixing a couple of broken links and adding a few.

Patrick Costello's Plunkthumping has moved to a new server and changed to The How and Tao of Folk Music. Lots of good banjo and guitar stuff there. Teach yourself how to play.

I added a couple of new bike blogs.

Fixed Impressions is another fixed gear rider who likes a lot of offroad riding. He also does a pretty neat music show weekly. It's worth your time to download.

"Do Everything" Bike is another site which promotes the sort of "bike philosophy" I'm leaning towards. Simplicity, Versatility, Just ride.

Ripzalot is a mountain biker living in Switzerland who spends a lot of time riding around taking really great photos. Check it out.

A Year Round Bike Blog is a site from Japan which also has a lot of good photos. And some cute dogs.

I pulled the "What I'm reading" and "What I'm listening to" sections, because I wasn't updating too often. I'll just drop in a blog entry if I think its worth mentioning.

What I am listening to right now is the current download off WFIX - (Fixed Impressions).


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