Thursday, October 27, 2005

Under the weather

Three out of four of us at home are down with monstrous colds/flu. Ouch. I hope I'm recovered enough for a ride this weekend. Perhaps some geared riding to take it easy. The Princess Stoker hasn't come up to the top of the mountain with me this year, so I think that is what we'll try. 10 or so easy geared climbing miles up, a few pics, and downhill all the way back to the truck.

Update-2:00 PM Being sick is no fun, but still better off than what happend to a friend of mine today. Her barn caught on fire and is a total loss, along with two prize winning quarter horses. :^(


Blogger iconoclasst said...

Those are some sweet pix. Beautiful vistas, solemn country roads, wide open spaces, and not a car anywhere in any of the shots.

You country boys got it made. 8^)

10:54 AM  

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