Monday, March 20, 2006

Why I like Japanese bike sites.

I visit and link to bike enthusiast sites in Japan pretty regularly. One of my friends asked why, since I don't read Japanese. Today Mr Akuta put up a post which defines why I check them out.

1. Any ride report which autotranslates out to "The 3rd time Stomach destructive tour series" has got to be a good report.

2. All bikes welcome. MTB, skinny tires, minivelos (small wheeled folders) are all represented.

3. All manners of attire. Helmets optional.

4. Multisurface routes. Backroads, bike paths, trails.

5. Walking hills is OK.

6. Good Scenery.

7. A worthy destination. FOOD.

8. Speaking of which, there are almost as many photos of the food and festivites as of the ride. I like the balance of priorities.

I think I'd fit right in.

This is the kind of biking that lends itself to a lifetime activity.

That's all I'm trying to say.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

I am not sure
but this looks like Japan-amation to me
the chics are cute
and well
they are on bikes
which makes them hot

here is a link to the blog I saw it on
it is some sort of game

5:23 PM  
Blogger scott said...

These are great sites--makes you want to go, doesn't it?

8:28 AM  
Blogger Hjalti said...

For the record, the report from Mr. Akuta now resides at

10:58 PM  

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