Monday, April 24, 2006


I got all busy last week and didn't update too much. I rode the club ride Wednesday night, and lunch rides on Thursday and Friday. Rain Friday night and Saturday all day kept me off the bike and even out of the yard, but I snuck out Sunday aternoon when I took the kids to a friends party.

On Sunday's ride I found a new bike shop. A couple of people had mentioned one was opening over in the Westview shopping center, and I thought to ride over and peek in the windows. It turns out they have Sunday hours and have been open a few weeks. It looks like a good addition to the shop scene here in town. The Bike Fix (I might have the name wrong, there was no sign up yet) had a nice mix of road, mountain, city/comfort, and kids bikes. I saw Kona, Giant, Redline and Bianchi bikes and frames from Surly on the walls. Any shop with fix in the name should have at least a couple and I saw a steamroller frame and a 9-2-5, as well as some neat fixies in the numerous photos in the shop. They mentioned that they will also be carrying Waterford and Heron frames. It warmed my heart to see internal geared hubs, M-Bars, and fenders on stock bikes. They didn't have any 29"er stuff, but at least they knew what was up and could get the Kona, Redline and Surly offerings. The bike scene is looking up in Frederick.

No ride today at lunch, but while I was at the Post Office I ran into a guy with a SS Karate Monkey and we talked bikes a bit.


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