Monday, April 03, 2006

SSPBE 2006

Another Single Speed Punk Bike Enduro is past. This one was the best yet for me. I mean, yeah, I still came in last on almost every stage, but I could still walk when it was over. The beer was good, the people were great, the climbs were killer and the technical spots were WAYYYYY above my comfort level, but I rode some things I didn't think a cross bike could traverse in the 'Shed, and walked a few other things, and proved to myself once again why bikes, and the people that ride them, are one of the best things on planet Earth.

Ricky won. Becky Won. I technically avoided a complete sweep of DFL by snagging a couple of trailside punks. A big thanks to Joe and Julie and the others who organized and moved the keg around, and provided enthusiastic support for the whole day! Next year I might even bring a mountain bike.

More Photos and Reports Here, Here, Here,(check the posts around this one too) and Here.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

ricky seems so normal face to face
then I see these images....


12:50 PM  
Blogger N8 said...

Man, I wish I could have been there competing for DFL again this year... Had surgery to repair a herniated disk in my back, still not on the bike. Next year though... you will have competition for dfl. :)

6:36 PM  

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