Monday, May 15, 2006


SSO dropped a line to let me know of a good air fare deal to Stockholm for SSWC06, but I waffled and missed it. Bummer. The good part is that Mrs H. agrees that I should go (14 years and still the best wife ever!), so I'm looking for deals. If any of you were hesitating to go because you were worried you'd place last, I'm there to pick up your slack. Actually my plan is to place second to last, because DFL gets branded this year. Going to try to make this trip minimalist equipment wise, but haven't decided on camping or hostel yet. Leaning towards hostel. I'll be taking the Quickbeam, because the trip will use any new bike savings I have, but I'm getting pretty attached to skinny tires offroad. Fun Fun. I just need to do it more.

In other news, someone linked to this cool blog by two people riding single speed On-One Il Pompinos around Europe this year. It's cool because they are going pretty lightweight. Nice.


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