Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some days it's all worthwhile

My daughter (age 8) had to write about her hobby for school. For someone who makes me want to pull my hair out, she sure can say the nicest things. I can even forgive the spelling and grammer in a first draft, it's probably as good as mine.:^)

First Draft Emily 10-7-06
My dad and I bike a lot together. We are trying to ride all of Frederick County. I ride the back of the tandume. A tandume is a two seat bike. The most miles I ever rode so far is twenty-six miles. We have tons of fun. Biking is my hobbie. My top three favorite things about biking is: 3. Feeling the wind egainst me. 2. Being with my dad. 1. Riding with my dad and the group. My dad is in a bike club. I go with him sometimes. We have lots of fun. I love biking.

Take your kids for a ride.


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