Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Snow, Still No Riding

Saturday might have been a good day to be riding, but I devoted it to kids activities. I got out into the backyard, and the ice crust was pretty treacherous. I went down once and slid halfway down the hill. Sunday came and dumped another six inches of snow, but it was a nice wet sticky snow, not ice. Although I chose not to ride, the kids, dog and I got out on an arctic patrol. Tramping around in the snow can be pretty fun stuff. My daughter said she thinks it is what Narnia looked like in the grip of the White Witch.

Back in the house I got the Monocog into the stand and replaced the 20t rear cog with a 22t. Always the easy way out. The chain was just barely long enough. I took off the plastic chain guard, and added a bash ring I had around. I also switched the brake cables to a right/front setup like on all my other bikes. I don't know if that is an affectation or a throwback to my motorcycling days, but I'm pretty happy with it that way. Finally, I replaced the platform pedals with a pair of Shimano 324 platform/SPD combos. The cog is ready to roll in SS mode, I just need to get out and do it.

I'm still going back and forth about either putting an easy 1x7 geared setup on the Monocog for road use or putting the effort into building up the Hercules frame that Rob gave me. The 1x7 is the least expensive option right now, because I have everything I need but cables to make it work. But the added effort of converting between commuter duty and SS offroad may be a joy killer. Waffles anyone?

BTW, the Quickbeam is sitting pristinely in my stationary trainer, being almost completly ignored. I don't think my indoor mileage will very high this season.



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