Monday, April 09, 2007


So yesterday I'm in the car taking the recycling to the collection center and I'm still in the driveway when I look over at the neighbor's pond and see a huge bird with white tail feathers. I'm thinking "Woah! That can't be a bald eagle, can it?" when it turns in flight and I see that it is indeed a bald eagle. So I back the car up the driveway to the house and run and grab my binos and tell the kids. The eagle is higher now and going over the house, constantly circling and heading northwest. I'm watching him when BAM! I stepped into a hole dug by our irritating, but lovable, dog. Down I go, feeling the twinges in the ankle before I even hit the ground. Ouch. I'm pretty lucky, it isn't too bad and I can walk on it with pain, but I'm afraid I exposed my children to some intemperate speech.

In other news, it snowed on Easter. Haven't seen that for a while. I remember growing up in Alaska and taking photos in the backyard in our easter finery with several feet of snow on the ground. My mom stepped off the packed path and one leg went in the snow to hip depth, while the other went out straight. My dad was laughing so hard it took several minutes to get her out. She may have forgiven him by now.

Last Thursday was Cory's last Booze Cruize for a while. In a couple of days he heads of to live in Europe for a couple(?) of years. We hit the Alley for a bit before heading over to his shanty and hanging around his poor man's chimenea drinking beer for a while. It was way too cold to do much riding, but it was good hanging around for a bit. Since I didn't have to work Friday, I stayed until the beer (and much of the firewood) ran out. We'll miss his trying to kill us lesser mortals on rides. Best of luck over the pond, Bro. A couple of photos on flickr. when I remember to post them.


Blogger Mike said...

That's cool you spotted a baldy. Glad to hear your ankle is OK.

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