Thursday, May 10, 2007

Car Free...

...but only for a day. We sold my wife's van yesterday. We had been thinking of getting rid of it for a while, and when her dad's Element became available, we decided to go ahead and sell the van. On the way back from dropping it off, my heretofore ultra-reliable Nissan chose that moment to die. On a freeway off ramp. Sigh. Fortunately it was less that a mile from my service center, so the AAA towing cost nothing. It won't be ready until tomorrow, if then, so I'm on two wheels (yea!), and the Mrs. is in the borrowed element. Cars sure seem to be more trouble than they are worth, but the infrastructure isn't in place for me to do without, unless we made changes to our situation that not all members of the family would agree to. That's one way to spend ones 15th anniversary.


Blogger Jett said...

I got a big kick yesterday out of riding my bike to the auto shop to pick up the car. I do all my work on my bike -- and used to do the same with cars -- but maintaining the car is no longer for the untrained motorist.

Your post also reminds me that I used to carry my bike in the back of the car in case of breakdown.

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