Monday, May 07, 2007

Ups and Downs

I finally made it out for the Pedaler's Wednesday evening ride. We had a big group and things were going well until we stopped to regroup near Thurmont. One of the riders chose that moment to pass out, thankfully at a stop instead of rolling. He'd done several miles before he joined the group ride, and presented a classic low blood sugar case. He drank some orange juice and was feeling better, but when he went to stand again, back down he went (we caught him this time). We opted to call 911 to have him checked out. He declined transport, but did wait for a car ride home from another club member. Once things looked well in hand with the rescue folks, most of us headed back to Utica Park while it was still light.

Thurmont rescue seems to be pretty busy. I caught this message about a rider struck by a truck on a local board from the weekend. I haven't heard how this one turned out yet.

As for me, I barely remember what my bike looks like. Saturday I stained my mother-in-law's two level deck and mowed and trimmed her yard. Sunday I did my own yard. I don't feel like I had a weekend.

I do have the bike today though. I'll be riding for a bit after work and then over to The Bicycle Escape to give a class on bike commuting. Rumor has it that pizza will be provided. Yum.


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