Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday Pump

Photo: Julie Whitehair After letting it sit through most of the winter, I've been trying to do some work on the pump track. I've been scraping away at grass and weeds, and building up the mounds and berms as I've gotten dirt from other yard projects. Tuesday evening it all came together as a few friends came over to give it a try. At one point before everyone got there I was watching the weather with thunderstorms to both the north and south, but we dodged the rain. Once people arrived, we sculpted and groomed a bit and then rode in circles. Using body english to move around the track instead of pedals is an interesting exercise. Lots of work. Since the track is on a slight hill, the uphill leg was impossible to pump, but we discussed some options about the lower banked corner, and I think with higher banks you should be able to carry enough speed through to get around. After we were hot and sweaty enough we adjourned to the house and grilled up a fine dinner of burgers, brats and beer. Joe and Julie took a photo set HERE.

Now I'm psyched again to push some dirt around. Who wants to loan me a bobcat?


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Very cool, John.

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