Friday, November 02, 2007

Let there be....

I finally bit the bullet and bought a high end light. I have been waffling around over all the choices among the LED lights, but ended up going with a Dinotte 600L. I ordered it from Dinotte Monday evening and it arrived Thursday. One of the best points for me was that it comes with two batteries (caveat: Nashbar sells the same light for a discount, but it looks like {from the web page, when it's in stock} they only send one battery.). I charged up one battery last night and used the light while walking the dog. Wow! Lots of light! I'll do some evening rides this weekend and maybe get some photos up.

Just in time for the Frederick Pedalers Lights and Pizza Rides which begin next Wednesday. Woot! Now I have to make one of those nifty front rack/pvc light bars to mount the Cateye and Dinotte on the Fuji.


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