Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike to Work (in the rain) Day

A little damp this morning. I guess I should expect it. A light drizzle leaving the house, but a hard, cold, driving rain by Mt. Pleasant. Rain two of the last three annual BtW days, and last year was cold. Still, it was a good time. I caught up to Phil coming up East St. He almost bought it when his rear wheel hit the train tracks which were covered by water. He fishtailed and did a startling hop slide to stay up. Glad he didn't break his arm again. Most of the rest of the usual suspects were there, and several new faces, in spite of the rain. We even dragged County Commissioner Kai Hagen out. TBE was, of course, there with some goodies, and the Transit folks did a great job. Swag shirts, water bottles, bagels, coffee and energy bars. I even won a cool little Timbuktu messenger bag (if Danielle was a little less loyal to TBE, it would have been hers, but she couldn't wear a big City Bikes logo around :^O ) in the raffle. Then it was off to the office to dry out.


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