Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stubborn Critters

With the rain letting up a bit, May is turning out kind of nice.

My neighbor (ok, his brother actually) usually buys a couple of steers every year to raise on his pasture. This year there are three steers. Angus, I think. Anyways, they were vocal about their being seperated from the herd/Mom/whatever, and have repeatedly escaped confinement since Monday. Funny for me. Frustrating for Jake, his brother, and friends who've had to round up the fey beasties. I've tried to help some. I hope I've been more help than hindrance.

I've been able to see a lot of the action, because I've been out on the pump track. Not riding, but digging, watering, weeding and grooming. Did I mention that this is a lot of work? Tonight I'll be trying to pump the whole circuit. We'll see.

Had the first crabs of the season on Sunday. Love 'em, but hate to shell 'em. I did a grill full of burgers and brats for those who felt the same way. Good folks, good times.

On Memorial Day I managed to get out for a ride and cross a few more roads off the Fixing Frederick list. Yea!


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