Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

Saturday was hot and muggy, so of course I had a big outside job. I went over to the in-laws to cut up a tree knocked down in a storm a few weeks ago. The weirdest thing happened. While making the cut this reddish fluid started pouring out of the tree. I checked the saw for a rupture of the tank or something, and then my extremities. In the frequent rain since the tree fell, the hollow section filled with water. when I got to the point where the saw cut intersected the hollow part, physics took over. Naturally the chain got gummed up and dull, so I stopped sawing and split a bit. Once home the saw cleaned up and restarted ok, but I need to sharpen the chain.

Sunday the weather was much nicer. Cooler and breezy. I puttered around on the track digging weeds and packing it down a bit, but mostly relaxed in the hammock with the kids, napping and playing banjo tunes, until it was time to grill the steaks for dinner. Nice.

On Tuesday, only Mike came over for Pump Track Night. He was enjoying riding the BMX bike and has come closest to making it around the entire track with no pedaling. Next time PTN may be on Thursday instead of Tuesday due to a bike advocacy meeting conflict. We'll have to wait and see what the Mrs. says.


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