Monday, June 02, 2008

Feels Like Summer

Definitely feeling like summer around here. Lots of bikes, scooters, and pedestrians around in town. I don't see many out at the far end of my commute, but there are a few.

Friday's commute ended with a flat literally in my driveway. I think I pinched the tube on some rough pavement in Libertytown and it took the last three miles to lose the air. I really need to get something fatter than 28s on my bike. My Cateye rear blinky is gone too. It's attachment method leaves something to be desired. I though I'd covered it by adding a zip tie to the weak release mechanism, but then the small screw in the post mount came out. I lost it the week before, and I'd hoped that I might come across it this week, but that seems to be a forlorn hope.

On the way to Aikido Saturday morning I saw a couple of Randonneurs out on the DCRANDO Urbanna 200K. They were going to get wet. Lots of cars with bikes in Libertytown for the PPTC ride as well. Coming home at lunch, during and after the showers, the PPTC cars were all heading home. The rando folks were still out on the course, far from Libertytown.

I got out Sunday for my own little ride. I've been neglecting the fixed gear Quickbeam, so I took it to Adamstown for a reasonably flat ride. Good time, but ended up with a bit of knee pain, which lingered into Monday. It took 15 minutes or more for the knee to warm up on my lunch walk. I'm always a little stiff in most of my joints after a morning at the keyboard, but this took longer. Oh well, the weather is great and lots of people out and about in town. I had one of those weird moments where an attractive young lady was riding by on an old road bike and I found myself studying the bike more intently than the rider. The rider in question still probably thinks I'm an old perv. Sometimes you just can't win.


Blogger Icon O. Classt said...

"... and I found myself studying the bike more intently than the rider."

Priorities, man. Get 'em straight. ;)

Then again, if they're that far outta whack, it's probably too late, ha.

11:39 AM  

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