Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Columbus Day Ride

James and I took another Monday ride. This time we went over to Sugarloaf. I'd ridden here a bunch, but always with a group, which makes it awkward to peel off and do all the little dead end roads I need to ride. This ride was for tying up all those loose ends. The day was about the best one for riding this year. No jackets needed, but not too hot either. We started by climbing Sugarloaf itself. Gears felt good for this. Then on to Mt Ephraim Rd. and gravel. Somewhere along here my 1.5 liter water bottle, which has served me faithfully for years, sprung a leak. I saved some water by flipping it in the holder, but with no strap to keep it in place, it was precarious. It held up for the rest of the ride though.

A lot of the dead end roads ended with a no trespassing sign over potentially interesting tracks going off into the woods. I always wonder about whether or not to tempt fate. It would be cool if the US had right to roam laws like Scotland. Exploring would be easier, for sure.

Eventually James and I had to ride a section of Rt 28. This road is a Maryland State bike route, but just about the worst I've seen. Not much, or no shoulder and heavy traffic in both directions. There was one unnerving time when some SUV locked up his brakes bearing down on us. Nothing happened, but it gets the blood pumping.

Soon enough we were back at the truck. On the drive back to town I was signaling for a left turn and noticed a motorcycle behind me not slowing. He looked up and saw me and moved left to avoid rear-ending me. If I had stopped or turned he would have nailed me, so I passed the intersection and stopped on the right. He stopped too, and apologized for his inattentiveness. Yikes. Two close calls in a day.

Once back in town we finished up with a beer on the porch, which is possibly the best way to finish up most activities.

Keep on riding.


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