Monday, June 27, 2005

Road Trip

Wednesday the family will be heading out to visit my parents in Xenia, Ohio. Since we usually only make it out over the Christmas break, it will be nice to visit in warm weather. I'm already planning to bring my bike and hit some of the roads and trails there. Xenia is the hub of several paved rail trails, like the Little Miami. It is also near mountain bike trails like John Bryan State Park and Caesars Creek. Hopefully I'll be able to put a day together to do a section of the Little Miami and then cross on backroads over to Springboro to visit Cycles Gaansari, a shop I've found very interesting from their online presence. Two years ago they were closed over the holidays so I missed visiting . Lat year they were moving from Dayton to Springboro so I missed them again. I wonder if fate will intervene again or if I'll actually be ablt to check them out.


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