Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday I went over to apply for a new passport. I foolishly let the one from way back when I actually went places expire. No prob, just get the documents together and run over to the post office at lunch. Nope. Gotta have an appointment. Hmm. doesn't say that anywhere on the website. OK, they can take you today as a walk in, but that isn't the usual policy. Head in to the office, everything in order, they do the photos. Rack up the charges. Oh look they only take checks not cards. Doesn't say that on the website either. Oops, yes it does, actually it says fees to State have to be check or MO, and processing can be check, mo, debit or credit. But apparently not in Frederick. Well, I'll just run downstairs and get a couple money orders (one to send to the State Dept, and one for the PO for processing fees). They don't take credit for that, but at least I had an ATM card with me. Finally got it all together and done.

It felt like a lot of hoops to jump through, but if I recall it was still easier than when I did it 18 years ago.


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