Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's been a rough three weeks, starting with my bike wreck and a sick puppy, and compounded by the week of solid rain, summer temps finally getting here, repair issues, and of course this time of year being my busiest time at work.

Well, I'm finally getting my feet back under me. Duncan the Dog still gets tired very easily, but is showing a bit more puppy-like behavior and obviously feeling better. I'll eventually do some more dog blogging with pictures.

I've decided there is no way to afford going to Stockholm for the SSWC06, but that will free up some leave time to spend on the yearly trip to Deep Creek with the wife's family. The revised plan will have me taking a shorter number of days off and doing something local and cheap. I'm thinking more touring at home, or possibly a trip to the eastern shore. Maybe I'll catch a lift to Pittsburgh and ride home on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. Whatever it is, at least I'll be getting in some bike time.

Speaking of bike time, I haven't had too much lately, but I rode to work today on the Fuji, my first ride of any consequence since I wiped out. It is pretty much back to normal, although the right brake lever may be a hair bent, it works fine. There is also a new click I need to find and fix. It just felt good to be back on the bike. I think I'll hit the club road ride tomorrow.

I also finished my new wheel for the Quickbeam. This is a Level hub and Salsa rim I got last winter. I had it laced up for a while, but every time I went to tenson it, it ended up out of true. Finally my friend Todd helped me get it done. Next, I went to move my freewheel from the old wheel and, even though I was being very careful (I thought), I managed to chip the slots that the freewheel removal tool fits in. Now I'm going to have to pound the thing off, I hope without ruining a $90 freewheel. Once it goes on the new wheel, it's there forever. Finishing that will give me a set of road wheels and a set of off road wheels.

Just keep slogging and blogging. H


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