Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reporting in.

Nothing much going on. I didn't get out on the bike last weekend, and I probably won't this week. The focus is on getting the patio done before the weekend. We have sort a a multiple anniversary / father's day / relatives in town thing going on on Saturday. I finished all the pavers last night. I'll probably get the retaining wall to where it belongs, but not really built. Backfill and stuff will have to wait until later.

The Evil Tractor finally died. It broke a really inaccessable bolt that I couldn't/didn't get out without stripping the hole in the frame, and I'm fed up. I ordered a new tractor last week. In the meantime, I borrowed the in-law's walk behind to get the section of yard near the house. I must have walked about six miles mowing. Now we are in a race to see if the new tractor makes it here before the grass grows enough to need mowing again. They say maybe Friday. The equipment is a hit on the budget, but I've sort of been expecting it for a while. At least this is a real tractor with a cat 1 three point hitch behind. If I can get some implements over the winter, next year's gardening season should be the best ever.

Here are the last two ride reports from week before last. 06-04-2006 Finishing up Thurmont and 06-06-2006 Hillcrest.

After more decorative adjustment of my chain ring guard last week, I finally ordered a real bashguard. When it gets here I'll probably pull the whole bottom bracket from the Quickbeam and teflon tape it to get rid of an annoying creak that seems to be a regularly encountered issue on these bikes. I'll also be looking at reducing the other various creaks and squeeks on it to get it to the same level of silent running that I have on the Fuji. I've reserved the post-brunch period on father's day for a ride, so we'll see what happens.


Blogger fortythree said...

Did this help? Since I purchased my Quickbeam last year, I've been trying to figure out what the creaky noise is coming from that area. I regreased my time pedals thinking that was the intial problem and also changed the chain a few times. I was guessing it also might have to do with the upper chainring not being completly reinforced by the crank due to the spacers.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Hjalti said...

The tape took out some of the creaking. Now, When I run with the single ring, shimano cranks, e13 bashguard, it is silent. I sometimes swap back the sugino cranks and double ring setup, and still hear the creak on the out of the saddle climbs. So it looks like the noise is in the cranks, not the BB.

8:02 AM  

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