Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Shop Update

A couple of months ago I mentioned I came across a new area shop. Looks like they are really up and running, with a grand opening event on Saturday. Their website is, which is a little close to Fixing Frederick, but I guess I can live with it. I'll be doing akido / yardwork / cookout on Saturday and will miss the party, but here's hoping them a successful start.

BTW, Happy Birthday Thangbrand, you viking antique you.


Blogger Johnson said...

thanks for not panning our shop. 29ers from kona are on the way. clark custom cycles is also welding us one, which will be lugged and hopefully quite hot. we're down with the fixie program,
and wanna help more people get on em. i especially wanna get more cats back on toe clips and japanese made parts. anyway. we rock the free organic coffee down there, so stop by and have a mug.

2:07 PM  
Blogger J. Luc Pitard said...

Yay Thangbrand! Also happy b-day to Buckley (the 9th), Alice in New Zealand (the 7th), Grafgar (the 11th) and Mr. Ed Watts somewhere in there.
There used to be a party around now, but who has the time now. And there's so much grass to mow anyway!

4:14 AM  

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