Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wednesday Ride

I've been skipping the pedaler's ride on Wednesdays to get more offroad time. This week I made the trip to Schaeffer Farms. I hadn't ridden here in quite a while and I'd forgotted how nice and smooth it is. Yea! Perfect for a cross bike. I'm still having confidence issure with larger logs and logpiles, but I'm riding pretty well. Todd and Craig met me there and as usual Todd had to do a lot of waiting, but Craig is more close to my speed and fitness. Todd must think the Wed. rides are a jinx. Last week he had to leave early due to his wife's car trouble, this week when we got back to the lot, someone had smashed into his van. Trashed the rear hatch. At least they were good enough to leave a contact number instead of driving right off.


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