Friday, July 14, 2006


It is amazing how little it takes to change direction. Getting a few bike rides in this week has made all the difference in my mood. I ended up skipping the Wed. night ride, but managed to putter about in town a bit at lunch. The Carroll Creek Linear Park is really starting to look nice. I'll get some pics of it sometime.

Yesterday I rode all the way in again, and even managed a bit of exploring on the way home, crossing 16 new roads off my list. The heat and humidity made a few of the climbs pretty tough and I walked a bit on Old Annapolis Road, but I'm pretty happy none-the-less, with a 42 mile day.

Somebody on the Rivendell List pointed to this cool three speed tour. Now that is touring at my kind of pace.

Finally, this short film from a bike blogger in Knoxville, Tennessee, put a smile on my face.


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