Friday, May 11, 2007

Couple of things.

Truck still in the shop. Good for bike commuting, but what will the bill be!?

My daughter and tandem partner extrordinare turned 9 years old yesterday. Happy Birthday kid! Between work, school, town and home, coordinating four people, one car, one bike, one dog, and dinner for everyone required creativity, but dinner and then ice cream afterwards was a hit.

Ultralight list member Igor has a cool report of a spring trip into the Alps on a bike on which few of us would think of touring. Give it a read. Its Blogger, so start at the bottom.

I'm always gleaning wonderful words of wisdom from Kent Peterson. Sometimes he tells a story in order to tell a story. I like stories. Latest good stuff at his blog.

A good observation from Oregon cyclist Michael Rasmussen on being, well, observant.

Lastly, my terrific Shimano SPD sandals, my mainstay of summer cycling for 10 years and probably 15,000 miles, finally cracked in the foot bed, just in front of the cleat. Bummer. Still sort of usable, but now with an annoying click when I walk.


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