Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy Busy

We've been running at full speed around here, just to keep up. The entire family headed down to Crystal City to watch the Independence Day fireworks from my cousin's apartment rooftop. Crowded, but nice. We eventually gave up on the crowd and watched from his apt. window. 15 stories lower, but unobstructed and still really neat. Plus we could listen to the music. Thanks Chuck!

My job is at it's busiest this time of year, due to the fiscal year change. Running me ragged I tell ya.

Friday night I came home to a very upset dog. He somehow got a toe caught in his crate and had spent some frantic time trying to get out. No go. I had to take the top off to free him, and he had torn or cut himself very badly, as well as soiled his crate during the ordeal. Once he was free it was really bleeding. Picture me trying to apply direct pressure to a frantic dog's paw while two really upset kids looked on. I though we would have to hit up the emergency vet, but I got the bleeding controlled and bandaged for a couple of days, and by Sunday he was running around as if nothing had happened. Now I have to re-engineer the crate to make sure that can't happen again. It would sure help if he didn't have an image of himself as the worlds greatest escape artist.


The rest of the weekend was the usual errands, classes and housework. Sunday I did manage to sneak off for a short tandem ride in the heat with the Princess Stoker and the kids and I finished a fort for them in the woods.


I needed to come back to work to rest!


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